About Us


Divisi is an octet founded by Bailey Montgomerie and Alex Gorbatov during their study at the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music. The group came about after Bailey and Alex ran and rehearsed an octet for a charity concert, Songs of Home and Refuge in November 2018; a charity event in support of the Refugee Council Australia. The experience provided both with professional experience they craved and the aspiration to perform consort music to a high standard.

Over the following summer, the duo founded the octet and organised its debut concert, Tallis to Tavener in May 2019.

As we evolved, the group became focused on the unique experience it gave to both the administration and the singers. There is a limited ability to gain experience in musical direction, artistic management, and consort singing at university and this group provides all three in droves.


  • to develop the musical skill and ability of our singers
  • to provide an ametuer professional consort singing experience to our singers
  • to develop the artistic direction and management skills of the artistic staff
  • to support contemporary Australian music and composers
  • to develop a professional sound as a group
  • to provide opportunities for young people in the music industry