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Past Concerts

La Nuova Musica – 18th and 24th April 2021

In this concert we contrast Nuova Musica (new music) with La Nuova Music, a style of music dominated by Montiverdi and Gesualdo. We will tackle this difficult repertoire with a group of 6 expert singers, just as it would have been performed in the Early Baroque Italian tradition.

Compose Queer – 26th February 2021

Compose queer is now finished. For more information about this program and any updates about its participants go to

Divisi in Recital – 9th August 2019

A showcase recital in Wyselaskie Auditorium featured a selection of choral masterpieces by Arvo Pärt, Franz Biebl, Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina, and a contemporary arrangement of Waltzing Matilda by Ruth McCall. In our second major program, we challenged our singers by introducing professional rehearsal expectations and deadlines.

Tallis to Tavener – 25th May 2019

A reflective anthology of the evolution of English choral music. The selection of unaccompanied choral compositions features an array of pronounced English composers; documenting the development of the English tradition in choral composition and divulging its contributions to the distinct styles and techniques we hear in contemporary choral music.