Pre-order Divisi’s debut album today!

We have been keeping something a little bit exciting under wraps, the success of the Compose Queer concert and commissioning initiative we have been granting generous funding from the Sustaining Creative Workers Initiative to produce Australia’s first album of queer classical music. With a planned launch date of 18 March, order your Album today to receive your copy as soon as possible.

Spectrum Album Pre-order

Pre-order a copy of Divisi’s debut album, Spectrum, today. Recorded in late January 2022 The album is Australia’s firs album of queer classical music. Alongside acclaimed pianist Coady Green, Divisi has recorded a ground-breaking album with works by Sally Whitwell, Caerwen Martin, and our four commissioned composers from the 2021 Compose Queer initiative Meta Cohen, Robert McIntyre, Lore Burns, and Ariel Bonnell.


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