Mass For Hustlers – December 2 and 3

God is dead and the modern hustler is turning to someone even bigger and better; herself. Mass for Hustlers is a Catholic Mass-cum-self improvement seminar with a satirical twist. The show is led by emerging theatre performer Clare Taylor, with music written by celebrated Australian composer Sally Whitwell and performed by the Divisi Chamber Singers. Playing at the MC Showroom from December 2nd to 3rd. 

Meet Clare Taylor, creator of the Taylor Method™, a patented physical and spiritual guidance program with a cult following – and she’s prepared the seminar of a lifetime. Surrounded by her trusty backup dancers/choir/cult followers (Divisi), Clare takes us through the most important tenets of the Taylor Method™, from exercise and meditation to fierce self-reflection. But suddenly, something goes badly wrong… How does Clare stay true to her mantra when she physically can’t? 

Mass for Hustlers reflects on our uncomfortable relationship with modern doctrines of self-improvement. Prepare to experience high-octane choreography, hypnotizing sermons, and transcendent new music by Sally Whitwell performed by Divisi Chamber Singers, you’ll exit a true believer.

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